On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 10:30 AM, Mats Lidell <matsl@xemacs.org> wrote:

Stephen> This is what Kim Storm's cua.el is supposed to do, but I
Stephen> don't know that anybody ever made a serious attempt to port
Stephen> it to XEmacs.

Well what would be needed to do this well? Should the installer, or
maybe better XEmacs on the first activation, if encountering a new
installation insert some spiffy windows adoptions in the
.xemacs/*-files per default for the user to change to his likeing?

No, the installer should ask the user if he wants to activate these 'spiffy windows adoptions'.

Putting them in by default will just annoy people like me who prefer the XEmacs bindings (I know, I can edit init.el, but I don't want anything touching that file *at all*).