On 5/22/06, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen@xemacs.org> wrote:
>>>>> "Aidan" == Aidan Kehoe <kehoea@parhasard.net > writes:

   >> If you're looking for suggestions:-), any hack to directly use
   >> Unicode in Xft frames would be desirable, I think.

   Aidan> What do you mean by this? You mean switching the internal
   Aidan> encoding to Unicode just for Xft frames?

No, actually I meant just to have the option to display characters
that have a Unicode code point but not one in standard ISO space.
The FSF hack of randomly creating non-standard charsets is not one I

The internal encoding is going to be buffer-oriented; I don't think
there's any way to only have it in certain frames.

   Aidan> Haven't touched it in months, in anticipation of Ben's
   Aidan> conflicting work in the same direction being
   Aidan> committed. That doesn't seem so be so imminent, so it may
   Aidan> be worth more attention.

Talk to Ben directly.  He'll tell you what he plans to do, more or
less on what schedule.  He doesn't take offense, nor can you pressure
him to do things he doesn't want to do (whether because he thinks it's
Wrong[tm] or because he doesn't want to expend the effort).  But he
only pays attention to the lists intermittently, so you can't count on
getting response that way.

Also, he did reivew a patch the other day; I don't know whether that
means he's back in play, or if it was just sufficiently likely to
annoy him that he decided to veto it.  It's probably worth asking
before you expend more effort.
hi.  sorry about being so in and out.  i happened to see that previous message and this one because i'm traveling ...  evidently my xemacs mail is normally filtered out.  note however that i will always see something if my address (any of them) is in the To: or Cc: line.
btw i think i've figured out a solution to the mail/spam overload in my account so i am going to try to stop filtering xemacs mail that's not addressed to me.
also, can anyone make any comments about good mailers?  google's gmail is wonderful about threading, which i find makes it much easier to have xemacs mixed with other mail ...  but i'd rather use a local mailer, e.g . thunderbird.  does anyone know of mail programs for windows that are able to *really* handle threads intelligently, similar to the way that gmail does it?
anyway, aidan, if you are interested in doing some work, we should talk to make sure things don't conflict.  right now i'm in hong kong so it's unlikely i can do much anything before i get back to the u.s. (probably jul 3).  but if you can relay your plans i'll be able to make some comments; i check my mail every few days.
if there's any time i'll be able to do significant xemacs work, it'll probably be after i get back and before the start of the next semester -- that's about jul 6 to aug 27.



   Aidan> Thank you for trying the patch;

No problem.  I highly recommend git, it really takes the pain and
uncertainty out of this kind of thing.

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