I am having problems building 21.5.16 under cygwin Windows 2000 Professional SP4. I get the following error when dunmping:

  ./xemacs -no-packages -batch -no-autoloads -l update-elc-2.el -f batch-update-elc-2 /c/appl/xemacs-21.5.16/src/../lisp

  Requested 4096 bytes, static heap exhausted!  base is 0x619000, current ptr
  is 0x8ef000. You have exhausted the static heap.
  If you are simply trying to compile, remove sheap-adjust.h
  and recompile from the top level. If this doesn't
  work then STATIC_HEAP_SLOP (defined in this file) is too small.
  If you want to run temacs, change SHEAP_ADJUSTMENT in sheap-adjust.h
  to 0 or a +ve number. Generally you should *not* try to run temacs
  with a static heap, you should dump first.
I tried removing sheap-adjust.h and received the same error. Adjusting STATIC_HEAP_SLOP in sheap.c results in either the same error (make.log), infinite cycling of the make as it tries to adjust the heap size (make.log.2) or a seg fault (make.log.3).  I could not find a core file. Any help would be appreciated.

-- Fred Hart