Hello again,

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Ar an cúigiú lá de mí na Nollaig, scríobh René Rebe:

Googling around suggest others alternative forms which either do
not work in xemacs-beta, or do not prove the situation.

I tried to read the lisp files, but could not find anything that
would help me there either.

Is there anything "pt" like so that a 13pt would result in say 13
pixels on a low resolution display, and 26 (or whatever) pixels on
a HiDPI screen with the X server dpi set accordingly?

PS: Surprisingly the Xemacs menus and such sale automatically, just
not this most important, main edit buffer, ..?

... except this suggests it does!?

Xft isn’t my bailiwick, and I don’t have a high-DPI screen available to
reproduce ± debug this issue. Stephen?

With an xserver, you could just run "xrandr --dpi 192" or so to
"simulate" a "HiDPI" screen, ...

Ah, thanks for that. My Apple XQuartz 2.3.6 xorg-server 1.4.2-apple56
doesn’t support the XRANDR extension, so it would likely be a question of a
virtual machine for me. I don’t use the Xft support and have made the
decision to favour the GTK support for my gui work.

I looked at the gtk+ support, is my first impression correct that this is
a decade outdated gtk+ 1.x from like Gnome / gimp 1.x?
Not something newer like gtk+ v2 or v3?


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