I'm trying to get smtpmail and starttls to work in windows native 21.4.19, the problem I'm having is that starttls-negotiate-gnutls is trying to send SIGALRM to the gnutls-cli subprocess, and of course this is windows, so we only support (from process-nt.c):

static void
validate_signal_number (int signo)
  if (signo != SIGKILL && signo != SIGTERM
      && signo != SIGQUIT && signo != SIGINT
      && signo != SIGHUP)
    invalid_argument ("Signal number not supported", make_int (signo));

Is running XEmacs-cygwin my only recourse [1]?


[1] "Use linux", whilst high on my list of desires, is Just Not Possible at the moment.