Sorry for the delay.

That's great news that it builds now.

I'm running "make check" now and it seems to be running ok, but I get lots of tests fail like this on:

SUMMARY for /Volumes/share2/src/xemacs/hg/xemacs-21.5/tests/automated/lisp-tests.el:

12846 passes

  78 assertion failures

    4 errors that should have been generated, but weren't

  16 wrong-error failures

    0 missing-message failures

    0 other failures

​Are these expected?

I also noticed when I did a build on Ubuntu with ToT, xemacs crashes with an assertion when I run gnus. I'll try to get gdb backtrace for that.  Something to with hash tables,  I think.

I also note that when I build ToT on Fedora 25, everything works, and gnus appears to work fine.  But the menu pulldowns are really horribly ​mangled with weird effects all over. I'll fill a separate report on that.

However, my OSX build works fine.

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 12:47 AM, Mats Lidell <> wrote:
Hi Raymond,

> Mats Lidell writes:
> I had set it up before so that configure would use
> '--with-site-includes=/usr/X11R6/include/freetype2'. You see all that
> is passed to configure in the configure logs in the build bot. I
> suppose since that folder is not on your machine any more I should
> simply remove that extra piece to configure. I will do that shortly.

I have removed the with-site-include for your builders and triggered new builds. That brought them up to the testing phase! However there they got stuck in the mule tests so that is something to look into.

Does "make check" work for you when you build locally?

%% Mats