On Nov 16, 2007 2:46 AM, Ben Wing <ben@666.com> wrote:
Hi victor ...  thanks for the thumbs up!

As for your issue, it depends on which version of XEmacs ...  there's a
FAQ about it  ...  i've forwarded it to the list where somebody should
be able to help better.


victor kamat wrote:
> Ben -
> I love Xemacs; much better than emacs.
> I have one queston for you regarding the 'Delete' key.  It deletes
> backwards.  How do I make it delete forward.
> I know I have to monkey with the init.el file under .xemacs dir.  But
> nothing seems to work.
> I working on Linux ( Red Hat).
> Many thanks
> Victor Kamat


Either put this:

(setq delete-key-deletes-forward t)

into ~/.xemacs/init.el or, if you prefer, you can also type M-x customize-variable delete-key-deletes-forward which will present you with some buttons you can use to turn it on.

Jerry James