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I'm not sure what the problem is. However, if the problem relates to
the syntactical significance of the underscore (_) character, then,
yes, jde-mode redefines underscore to be a word character rather than
a punctuation character. I did this several years ago at the request
of a number of JDEE users who like to use underscore as a prefix for
field names as part of their coding convention, e.g., _EmployeeName. I
personally find this practice barbaric but went ahead and made the
change anyway. I suppose I could make this an option. I haven't done
so because nobody has complained until now and because standard Java
coding convention is to NOT use underscores as word separators, i.e.,
to prefer EmployeeName to employee_name.

- Paul

  Use of underscore in Java identifiers is so counter-cultural that its use should probably be an error (by default).