Dear Bug Team!

I'm using and only really starting to learn the detail of xemacs recently. I am getting the following error message as in the recent messages window. I'm trying to use the vhdl-mode and quite succesfully up till today. I stumbled over a bug report 21.4.11 with a similar problem as in java. I'm running windows XP and have checked that the file c:\WINDOWS\system32\find.exe exists. Man, I've spent the while day trying to track the problem. I've even reinstalled the whole xemacs and yet it still gives this error.

I'm not sure how to generate all the information needed to debug this but I can gice you this:

eval-expr RET system-type RET returns window-nt

Recent messages:

Loading fast-lock...

Loading fast-lock...done

Loading time...

Loading time...done

Loading efs-cu...

Loading efs-cu...done

Loading vhdl-mode...

File mode specification error: (file-error "Searching for program" "No such file or directory" "find")

exec-path returned the following

("%SystemRoot%\\system32\\" "%SystemRoot%\\" "%SystemRoot%\\System32\\Wbem\\" "C:\\Program Files\\Xemacs\\XEmacs- 21.4.11\\i586-pc-win32\\" "C:\\Program Files\\Xemacs\\xemacs-packages\\lib- src\\" "c:\\Program Files\\XEmacs\\XEmacs-21.4.11\\i586-pc-win32\\")

Please help, I can't continue my work with out this!!

Greetings Dieter

Dieter Mellet
IC Design Engineer
Tel: +27 21 863 0033 (GMT +2)