cc: Adrian
Platform is RSC6000/AIX4.3.3-10
Worked from downloaded binary gzip: xemacs21.1.3-rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.0.0
First off, I did a "M-x describe-installation RET" to find out
that $prefix="/usr/local" ; I had been trying to install in /usr/opt;
I have re-installed into /usr/local;
Next, I re-read the Quickstart Package Guide and reloaded
the "xemacs-base" package into:
I restarted xemacs and the open file function works but when
I go to "Options/Manage Packages/List and Install" and
answer Yes to PGP question, I get beeped at and the message
at the bottom of the window is:
    Symbol's value as variable is void: allow-remote-paths
Also the " dired " button/icon does not work.  Again I get beeped
and a similar message about "...function definition is void: dired"
thanks for any help .....